About Amy Wray

Amy Wray (Director)

I’m a busy mum of five young children which has given me my biggest qualification in life! My mother was my greatest inspiration as she too was a midwife and lactation consultant.

In 2007 I graduated in Midwifery and worked as a core midwife, then in 2009 I became a qualified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). During this time I was also the BFHI co-ordinator for Tairawhiti District Health and also trained as a New Zealand Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor Administrator and ran a Breastfeeding Drop In centre. Throughout this time I have also been involved in teaching Antenatal Classes and various breastfeeding education workshops for a range of health providers. I helped develop and launch our local Breastfeeding Support Programme called Kia Mama in 2010.

Throughout this time I have gained experience in each new role where I have continued to identify a greater need for more breastfeeding resources that are ‘user friendly ‘ for the health provider and ‘appealing’ for the mother & whanau. In 2009 I started developing the ‘TALK CARDS’, which have been an extension of the original talk cards developed by Tairawhiti Whangai U Collective. As a young mother myself, while compiling the TALK CARDS I have tried to consider what would be appropriate and useful for other mums who are going through the same journey.

I really enjoy working with new mothers and I often feel a responsibility to share the knowledge I have with other mothers as breastfeeding has life-long effects that can effect a mother-baby relationship for life. That’s why I love doing what I do!


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