Nipple health is a product made by Manutuke Herbs NZ Herbal range. This cream is based in organic flowers of Calendula steeped in Grapeseed oil with herbal tinctures of Kopakopa which is traditionally known to help sooth and comfort sores and heal skin complaints. With herbal Puwha which is a rich source of vit C which speeds repair of wounds and sooths. Manuka oil which is known for its anti-microbial/anti-septic benefits and kawakawa tincture used traditionally on wounds to help sooth and stimulate new growth. This can be applied to the nipples several times a day and is easily absorbed, not leaving an oily residue that is unpleasant tasting for baby.

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Product Description

Historically the juice of the Kohia was used to rub into cracked nipples. Manutuke Herbs is trying to source this currently. The oil of Titoki was also used in this fashion. This oil is available through Manutuke Herbs NZ Herbal Range. If you wish to order Titoki oil please be aware it is only available once a year and in small volumes.